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Cork flooring

Cork flooring is a great alternative to more traditional hardwood. It’s great for sound dampening, it doesn’t dent and it’s from a renewable source!

Cork is a viable alternative to traditional hardwood or laminate flooring. Cork Oak is found in a few Mediterranean countries and is actually harvested about once every 9 or 10 years with no harm done to the tree itself. The harvesting of the cork doesn’t require cutting down any trees and for this reason it is a wonderful renewable resource. Cork floors have been known to be very resilient and last for more than 50 years in even the most heavily tracked areas. Cork flooring in the Toronto area is gaining in popularity because of its resilience and durability.

Cork flooring is extremely resilient to wear due to its internal cellular structure. Cork is almost 90% gaseous matter allowing it to recover very quickly from moving furniture or heavy traffic. When cork is pressured the gas in its tissue escapes, giving it a spectacularly comfortable feel as you walk upon it. Its “bounce-back” nature also reduces the indentations, much more so than carpet or wood floors. Cork flooring from our Toronto store also insulates much more than basic hardwoods because of its air-filled nature and its shape. Again, due to its porous nature your cork flooring will also be much quieter as your children or grand-children run about your home. Cork flooring from our Toronto area store is very easy to maintain and is hypoallergenic. It will contribute to the air quality in your home because it will not absorb dust and dirt particles and it sweeps wonderfully smooth as well.


Carpet is classic, elegant looking and warm flooring solution for your home. Modern carpets are hypoallergenic, stain resistant and easy to clean.

intech laminating is one of the premier carpet and broadloom showrooms in the Toronto area. We know how important the initial installation of your carpet is. It’s one of the most crucial steps in ensuring that the overall appearance of your new floor is perfect and exactly what you want.

 Commercial Carpeting in Toronto

Do you need a commercial carpet, carpet tiles and broadloom in the Toronto area? We have all your commercial carpet needs in Toronto. We are prepared for your new retail outlet, your comic book store, your church remodel, your hotel or your rental properties. Whatever broadloom installation needs you have in the Toronto area we are here for you. We have the styles that you are seeking and if we don’t have it in stock we will have it rushed to our store to meet your needs with professional installation available.

Residential Carpeting in Toronto

We have a wonderful selection of residential carpets in Toronto, from reputable carpet manufacturers. We also have one of the most extensive residential broadloom selections in Toronto. Whether you’ve just purchased your new dream home and need to cover your upstairs bedrooms with a stylish new plush carpet or you are an apartment building owner that needs to cover an entire floor in your complex because of a burst pipe we have wonderful relationships with the country’s most prominent mills so we can offer significant discounts to our valued customers. Come and see our special line of custom residential carpets.